Competitor Analysis Surveys

Our team of highly experienced researchers use market intelligence to conduct competitor analysis, helping you to understand how your business is perceived in the market place.

We can map out an entire market providing our clients with critical and detailed information that will inform them how best to move forward and expand their business.

Services include:

Market Mapping

In the first stage of expansion or entering a new market, Apex provides a market mapping service, which is a crucial part of competitor analysis whereby we gather data relating to a specific area of law or geographical location.

Perception Surveys & Analysis

Our team of researchers and consultants assists clients to determine how the company is perceived. By identifying strengths and weaknesses, Apex helps clients to improve their business structure so that positive changes can be made – both internally and externally.


With Apex’s confidential pre-research service we are able to:

  • Gain a good understanding of how your opportunity will be received in the market place before agreeing to take on a project.
  • Gain an understanding of how your firm is perceived in the market place

For all enquiries relating to these additional services, please contact us on: 07854 379 066.

Rebecca is an exceptional search consultant. She is extremely professional and diligent and she makes you feel like a valued client. She monitors progress regularly and always keeps you updated. She provides valuable benchmarking information which is very useful when making a crucial decision as to whether to stay or move. She knows the market and specific practice areas very well. Above all she is honest and provides the "full picture". I highly recommend Rebecca if you are looking for a top class search

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